Against All Odds Tattoo
We believe that tattoos are art at the most sacred level. Tattooing is a fine art inscribed upon the body . We believe that tattoo artists hold a much higher degree of responsibility because our work is walking around, living, breathing and talking to other people. People often come to the tattoo artist, not just for a pretty tattoo, but for a sense of healing. While people often buy a painting because it may be an investment, a tattoo is only personal.

There are some tattoo shops where high pressure sales tactics and speed are placed above quality. Often the client is made to feel like cattle. We chose to open Against All Odds Tattoo in to offer a viable alternative to that attitude. In our shop, you will never be pressured into getting a tattoo you don’t want. Time is not a premium, quality is. A set price is agreed upon before starting a tattoo and the tattoo is worked on until finished to the customers and artist's satisfaction. The only exception is when a piece is large (more than one sitting), then an hourly rate must apply.

The objective is to give the customer the nicest design, for a fair price in a time frame that lends to the least amount of discomfort while maintaining a strict code of high quality work.

Against All Odds is a Tattoo Art Studio. It is located on Opelika Rd. in Auburn, AL It has a clean, comfortable and low key atmosphere. Consultations followed by appointments are encouraged, but we do take walk-in customers, schedule permitting. We have thousands of designs to choose from, a ton of reference books and a high speed connection to the internet to assist in finding that perfect tattoo for you. You may choose a stock design, or better yet, allow us to design a custom tattoo for you.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we are equally committed to safety for both our workers and our customers. ALL NEEDLES ARE SINGLE SERVICE. No needles will ever be reused, they are sterilized in an autoclave prior to use and then discarded after the tattoo is over. All removable machine parts (tubes) are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave before use. Each of our artists have a certificate of completion from a blood borne pathogen and disease prevention course to ensure your continued health and safety.

Please feel free to stop by during our regular business hours to view the shop and discuss your next tattoo.

Thank You ,
Thomas Randall (owner)
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